Exhibition “Beauty Show Krasnodar”

In May 2016 “Partner Beauty” and academic partner “Shevchenko Consulting Center” participated in the annual exhibition “Beauty Show Krasnodar” to successfully promote and introduce “Magic3” to the audience in the southern region.

Positioning element for lenses, diaphragms

Ultra-small mount is designed accurate positioning of optical elements in a plane perpendicular to the optical axis. Ideal for object lenses in microscopes, laser systems, fiber fixtures and diode lasers. The mount provides for positioning of a target element within a range of 4 mm with an accuracy of 2 µm. The positioning is ensured by two adjusting screws. The plate comes with screws […]

About us

Melsytech is an advanced-technology enterprise, established in 2010. At the outset of its development and manufacturing activities the company was engaged in industrial fiber measurement equipment. Today Melsytech focuses on design, development and manufacturing of solid state laser systems and semiconductor lasers of various complexity, including multi-wave and tunable lasers.Our systems are widely used across […]

Gynecological handpiece

The piece is designed for gynecology treatments and locks up onto a standard scanner. It is as a detachable accessory that can be repeatedly subject to autoclaving, disinfection and sterilization prescribed in the operaion manual. Optional item.

Presentation of laser Magic 3 at Barclay Plaza Moscow

April 9 – 10 “Barclay Plaza”, Moscow hosted a kick-off meeting for the Magic laser device “Aesthetical and Medical Functionalities of the Magic System”.

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