Presentation of laser Magic 3 at Barclay Plaza Moscow

April 9 – 10 “Barclay Plaza”, Moscow hosted a kick-off meeting for the Magic laser device “Aesthetical and Medical Functionalities of the Magic System”.

Heat radiator for crystals 1-00

The heat sink is designed for installation of cylindrical crystals of 3 to 8mm in diameter and 10 to 50mm long. The heat radiator removes the heat from thermally loaded crystals. The radiator has a hole for mounting thermal resistance, and a polished surface designed for mounting a 40x40mm Peltier element. Radiators are designed for use […]

Digital merging board (IEC 61850)

The digital integrating board (DIB) converts digital LVDS inputs into the IEC 61850 data that enters the Ethernet using the IEC 62439-3 (Parallel Redundancy Protocol or High Availability Seamless Redundancy Protocol). The data are shown as sample values (SV) according to IEC 61850-9-2LE. The data then can be directly used by measurement controllers and/or protection […]

Diode power supply unit (36V, 10A)

A controlled power unit (CPU) for light-emitting diode assembly is designed to power a laser diode module (LDM) with desired stable current and control the light emission output in the CW (continuous wave) mode through proportional variation of the output current and voltage at the IPROG control input. The CPU connects to AC/DC power supply. […]

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