Stepper motor driver

The device is designed for the following application:

  • Manual step motor control.
  • Manual control of motorized actuators and encoder impulse counting.
  • Program control of step motor and actuators.


Technical specification
Description Value
Encoder signal (optically coupled) Open collector type
Polling frequency for discrete signals 2kHz
Bridged output voltage 12V
Bridged maximum current 1A
transmission protocol MODBUS-RTU
baud rate 9.600-115.200 bps
the maximum number of transmitter-receivers in the line 256
galvanic insulation voltage 2kV
virtual COM-port  FT-233
baud rate 10/100Mbit/s
Protocols TCP/IP,  HTTP(Server)
Power supply voltage 90-250V
Power supply Max input power 60 ВА
Weight and size 260 × 180 × 105mm
Max weight 2kg
Ambient air temperature 10 … 45°C
Average lifetime 10 years
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