01 Sep 2016

Melsytech is an advanced-technology enterprise, established in 2010. At the outset of its development and manufacturing activities the company was engaged in industrial fiber measurement equipment. Today Melsytech focuses on design, development and manufacturing of solid state laser systems and semiconductor lasers of various complexity, including multi-wave and tunable lasers.Our systems are widely used across such applications as cosmetology, healthcare, industrial (metal cutting, treatment or welding), production of measurement devices.

Melsytech is constantly alert for new opportunities and new applications, working hard to satisfy original customer requirements.For these years our organization has built a team of highly qualified specialists with related expertise, of doctorate and highest degree among others. In 2016, as a part of the business development strategy the company moved to a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with a total area of 1800 sq/m, that houses all the production stages, including laboratory and design & development. In case customer requirements go beyond our serial products’ characteristics, or specify laser emission at wavelengths, that are not traditionally used, we can offer solutions to meet such specific needs quicjly and effectively.

Our company runs testing of all manufactured modules and systems to warrant high quality, reliability, easy operation, and extended service life, as well as compliance with international standards of every single product.