Acoustooptic modulator driver

Acoustooptic modulator driver (hereinafter referred as driver) is designed to power an acoustooptic modulator (central AOM) type AOM-80\40-1.5 (or a similar) with high frequency voltage with dual amplitude modulation (on, off) binary signal.

High stability of the carrier frequency is ensured by an integrated master generator with crystal frequency control.

The driver has built-in overheat and load mismatch protection.

The AOM must be connected to an external 15V power supply.

Code: EOMDRV-1

Technical specification 952
Description Value Note
DC power supply voltage, V 14±10 %
Max consumption current, A 2 under rated load resistance and supply voltage 14V
Min output power, W 10
Carrier frequency, MHz 80±0.005 %
Load resistance rating, Ohm 50
Modulation type amplitude
Modulating input signal binary TTL 1 – on;
0 – off
Max carrier voltage rise and fall time at output, msec 0.04
Min carrier suppression at output under zero modulating signal, dB 60
Overheat protection operating threshold, °С 60 protection with self-recovery after cooling
Overheat protection recovery threshold, °С 45
Max load resistance before load mismatch protection is activated, Ohm 75 protection without self-recovery
Min load resistance 33
Operating ambient temperature range, °С 0 – +40
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