The condenser is designed for laser-out-of-fiber settings systems. Condenser is fitted with a SMA-905 connector adjustable by 2 axes. The condenser has a hole with a retaining ring to attach 1/2 inch lenses.

Material: Aluminum, duralumin.

Code: CND-1M-SMA905

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Ultra-small kinematic mirror holder for angular and linear fine-tuning of various optical elements. The item comes with 3 screws. There is a 5 mm hole for any screws of your choice at the base of the holder. A one-inch hole holder features a clear aperture of 23.5mm. The mounting plate can be installed in a series of positions. Code: 34M2P-1\2M

Electrooptic modulator driver

Electrooptical switch driver is designed to control DKDP Pockels cells (for instance, Pockels cells by EKSMA). Technical specification: High voltage output for cell control 6kV Max frequency 10kHz Control pulse drop time 15ns Part number: EOMDRV-1

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