DPSS CW module 1935(200W), 2100(100W)

Tm:YAP and Ho:YAG continous laser.

Application: Medical, Aesthetics, industrial.

Overview: The module is designed to generate continuous laser at one of the two wavelengths depending on a setting selected. The system features diode pumping and active wavelength generation crystals: Tm:YAP (1925nm) and Ho:YAG (2100nm). The switching between the wavelengths is provided via optical mechanics inside the module. The laser module is mounted in a metal (aluminum) body. The cooling media is flowing water. There are temperature sensor outputs inside the module to monitor system’s components. The switching between the wavelengths is done by moving optical components that are controlled through step motor outputs. The optomechanical step motors are furnished with encoders for movement and exact position control. The module can be completed with control and power systems on board, or come.

The module comes in 3 different packages:
1) Laser module; driver controller RS485/USB; pumping power supply.
2) Laser module w/o driver controller (pumping control and power supply, thermal stabilization, switching of wavelengths is ensured by customer).
3) Fiber or optical output.

The module may also be designed and packaged according to customer technical specification.

Technical specification
Description Parameters
Laser type Tm Laser CW 200W Ho Laser CW 100W
Wave length, nm 1935 2100
Operation mode Free mode
Max pulse energy, mJ 1000(5ms) 500 (5ms)
Max pulse length 5-20000ms 5-20000ms
Max pulse fluence, J\cm2 (spot diameter 1,2mm) 88 (5ms) 44 (5ms)s
Max fluence per second (spot diameter 1.2mm) , J\cm2 8 846 (5ms pulse 100Hz) 4 423 (5ms pulse 100Hz)
17 692 (CW per 1sec) 8 846 (CW per 1sec)
Max impulse frequency, Hz <100 (1000mJ 5ms pulse) <100 (500mJ 5ms pulse)
Max average power, W 200-250 100
Pulse output power, W 200-250 100
Cooling Closed-cycle liquid
Spot size 1.2 – 10 mm / Bire Fiber 1.2 – 6 mm / Bire Fiber
Operating range +16 ÷ +30 °С
Transportation and storage temperature –25 ÷ +50 °С
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