Diode power supply unit (36V, 10A)

A controlled power unit (CPU) for light-emitting diode assembly is designed to power a laser diode module (LDM) with desired stable current and control the light emission output in the CW (continuous wave) mode through proportional variation of the output current and voltage at the IPROG control input.

The CPU connects to AC/DC power supply. CPU output circuits, test and control circuits are galvanically isolated from the power line.

Technical specification
Description Value Note
Max output current, A 10 With forced cooling air circulation
Maximum output voltage, V 42±2
Supply voltage, V DC 27 – 48
Insulation strength between output circuits and mains supply circuits, kV 4
Min efficiency factor at highest output current and voltage, % 83 Depends on characteristics of the AC/DC Mean Well RPS-300-12 module integrated in the CPU.
Operating ambient temperature range, С 0 – +40
Max output current rise and fall time at 10% and 90% with a step change of the control voltage at IPROG input, msec 250 Under 30mOhm resistance load (see operation manual)
Max reduced error of the output current setting, % ±0.5 Output current deviation from the valueUIPROG*KIPROG (see operation manual)
Max reduced error of the output current control, % ±0.5 Voltage deviation at test lead IMON from the value IФ/KIMON (see operation manual)
Max reduced error of the output voltage control, % ±2 Voltage deviation at test lead VMON from the value UФ/KVMON (see operation manual)
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