Magic MAX

Magic MAX – maximum functionality.

A tri-wave laser systems that builds greater efficiency and consistency for the full range of treatments, saving time of both patients and practitioners. Unrivaled tri-wave laser module and operator friendly design along with high quality and competitive pricing offer significant cost reduction and ensure shortest time to success. The device offers superior versatility for medical application featuring a choice of specifically designed handpieces. The device is widely enjoyed by plastic surgeons and physicians. This is yet another device successfully developed by MeLSyTech to offer the diode pumping technology, a reliable, consistent and competitive technology, with efficiency much higher than traditional lamp pumping. The diode pumping means high repetition rate, no lamp, no maintenance, no operation noise but very consistent and clinically proved results, high light efficiency and extremely low cost of ownership.

Technical specification
Description Parameters
Wavelength, nm 1064 808 532
Operational modes Q-switched (Short pulse) Q-switched (Long pulse) Free mode Q-switched (Short pulse) Q-switched (Long pulse)
Max pulse energy, mJ 1500 (50ms) 3000 (100ms) 9000 (100ms) 750 (50ms) 1500 (100ms)
Pulse length 10ms – 50ms 50ms – 2s 10ms – 2s 10ms – 50ms 50ms – 2s
Max pulse fluence, J\cm2 (spot diameter 1,2mm) 133 (50ms) 265 (100ms) 796 (100ms) 66 (50ms) 133 (100ms)
Max fluence per second (spot diameter 1.2mm) , J\cm2 2212 (50ms) 2413 (100ms) 7238 (100ms) 1106 (50ms) 1206 (100ms)
Max impulse frequency, Hz <16 (50ms - 16Hz, 100ms - 9Hz) <16 (50ms - 16Hz, 100ms - 9Hz) <50 (10ms - 50Hz) <50 (10ms - 50Hz, 50ms - 16Hz) <16 (50ms - 16Hz, 100ms - 9Hz)
Max average power, W 15 30 90 7,5 15
Pulse output power, W 30 30 90 15 15
System cooling type Air
Spot diameter 1.2 – 6 mm
Scanning nozzle Working surface diameter 30mm
Skin cooling
Working temperature +16 ÷ +30 °С
Transport and storage temperature –15 ÷ +50 °С
Cycle life 5 years
Optical output type Light emission from the optic module through optic fiber with SMA 905 connector, max fiber core diameter 600 μm
Control system Laser control – onboard PC with touch LCD display
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