Magic Super – power and efficiency of pulsed laser technology.

This is a pulsed laser system designed to ramp up such procedures as rejuvenation, hair and tattoo removal. Nanosecond pulses and Q-switch technology make it ideal to go for widest range colors and deepest pigmentation. The system comes with 1.2, 2, and 6mm handpieces, a 30mm scanner for the both wavelengths. This is yet another device successfully developed by MeLSyTech to offer the diode pumping technology, a reliable, consistent and competitive technology, with efficiency much higher than traditional lamp pumping. The diode pumping means high repetition rate, no lamp, no maintenance, no operation noise but very consistent and clinically proved results, high light efficiency and extremely low cost of ownership.

A stand-alone skin cooling system Zimmer cryo is available as an additional option.

Technical specification
Wavelength, nm 1064 532 1064 532
Operation mode Freerunning Q-switched Q-switched Freerunning Q-switched Q-switched
Max energy per pulse, mJ 3500 600 300 5000 1100 600
Energy per pulse, mJ 1,000(0.3ms)
600(10ns)@10Hz 300(10ns)@10Hz 1,500(0.3ms)
1,100(10ns)@10Hz 600(10ns)@10Hz
Pulse length 0.3ms-25ms 10-20ns 10-20ns 0.3ms-25ms 10-20ns 10-20ns
Max fluence per pulse, J/cm2  (spot diameter 4mm) 28 (25ms) 4.5 (10ns) 2.5 (10ns) 40 (25ms) 9 (10ns) 5 (10ns)
Max fluence per second, J/cm2 (spot diameter 4mm) 800 (300mks 100Hz) 45 (10ns 10Hz) 25 (10ns 10Hz) 1200 (300mks 100Hz) 90 (10ns 10Hz) 50 (10ns 10Hz)
Pulse repetition rate, Hz <100 (0,3ms-100Hz, 5ms-10Hz) <100 (600mJ 10Hz) <100 (300mJ 10Hz) <100 (0,3ms-100Hz, 5ms-10Hz) <100 (1100 mJ 10Hz) <100 (600mJ 10Hz)
Max average power, W 60 38 15 120 50 20
Output power per pulse, W 3 60,000,000 30,000,000 5 110,000,000 60,000,000
System cooling Closed-cycle liquid Closed-cycle liquid
Spot diameter 1 – 6mm 1 – 6mm
Scanning handpiece 30mm 30mm
Skin cooling Air – Zimmer Cryo (optional) Air – Zimmer Cryo (optional)
Working temperature +16 ÷ +30 °С +16 ÷ +30 °С
Transport and storage temperature -15 ÷ +50 °С -15 ÷ +50 °С
Warranty 15,000,000 shots 15,000,000 shots
Optical output type Articulated ARM/fiber Articulated ARM/fiber
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