Motorized linear stage

Motorized linear stages feature a screw drive with 0.5mm pitch, and a small footprint, but reliable design. The base and moving platform of the translator are made of anodized aluminum, while the working parts are made of hardened steel.

Motorized stages are fitted with an encoder that allows for control of the translator’s position and jamming detection. The reference position is set by the end stops. The motor’s position can be set with the accuracy of one increment via the encoder’s readings with the accuracy of 5 increments of the motor.

Code: MTS-40/32ENC-M


Width: 40.6mm

Small footprint

High accuracy of the guide

0.5mm pitch of the driving screw

32mm positioning range

Equipped with an encoder

Increment by 2.5µm

Payload weight up to 250g

Maximum speed 5 mm/sec


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