OCT system

Optical coherence tomography – unique medical imaging device.

Based on optical coherent tomography technology that provides imaging and analysis of local structure of biological tissues on-the-fly.

Clinical applications: Cosmetology, dermatology, ophthalmology, gynecology, otorhinolaryngology, gastroenterology, urinology, dentistry.

The OCT system is the result of implementation of the newest approach in medical imaging – optical coherent tomography (OCT). The OCT images the internal structure of an object via echo pulsing by near infrared radiation. The OCT spatial resolution stands in between the ultrasound and microscopy examination. The OCT system owes to implementation of a number of patented unique innovative optical technologies. Using the OCT system a doctor can have images of internal structure of human surface tissues (skin, mucous coats, serous coats of hollow organs) in a noninvasive way on-the-fly, the images featuring the spatial resolution at the level of tissue layers.

The OCT system stands out to feature^

  • High spatial resolution
  • Noninvasive examination
  • Imaging on-the-fly
  • Compatibility with standard endoscopy appliances
  • Portable size and friendly handling
Technical specification
Description Parameters
Center Wavelength 1325 nm
A-Scan Line Rate 92 кГц
Imaging Depth 3.5 mm
Depth Resolution (Air) 8 μm
Depth Resolution (Water) 6 μm
Sensitivity 90dB
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