Electronic Components
Acoustooptic modulator

Acoustooptical modulator/switch is used in continuous laser systems. Wavelength – 1064nm. Laser polarization – linear, normal to mounting furnace. Average laser power output is within 40W. Anti-reflection at 1064nm (residual reflection ρ

Electrooptic modulator driver

Electrooptical switch driver is designed to control DKDP Pockels cells (for instance, Pockels cells by EKSMA). Technical specification: High voltage output for cell control 6kV Max frequency 10kHz Control pulse drop time 15ns Part number: EOMDRV-1

Acoustooptic modulator driver

Acoustooptic modulator driver (hereinafter referred as driver) is designed to power an acoustooptic modulator (central AOM) type AOM-80\40-1.5 (or a similar) with high frequency voltage with dual amplitude modulation (on, off) binary signal. High stability of the carrier frequency is ensured by an integrated master generator with crystal frequency control. The driver has built-in overheat and load mismatch protection. The AOM […]

Digital merging board (IEC 61850)

The digital integrating board (DIB) converts digital LVDS inputs into the IEC 61850 data that enters the Ethernet using the IEC 62439-3 (Parallel Redundancy Protocol or High Availability Seamless Redundancy Protocol). The data are shown as sample values (SV) according to IEC 61850-9-2LE. The data then can be directly used by measurement controllers and/or protection […]

Temperature controller

Thermal stabilization unit TCM3. The unit is designed for thermal stabilization by Peltier elements. The thermal stabilization is done through PWM. The device has 2 channels configured for cooling and 1 channel configured for heating. Cooling outputs are designed for connecting a Peltier element with 12V operating voltage. as well as connecting a resistor for a heating […]

Stepper motor driver

The device is designed for the following application: Manual step motor control. Manual control of motorized actuators and encoder impulse counting. Program control of step motor and actuators. Code: DRVSPM-3CH

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