Medical systems

Magic SUPER PLUS – full aesthetic range on board. Being a combination of MAGIC SUPER and MAGIC ONE, this is a high performance pulsed system to deliver a full range of aesthetic treatments from tattoo and pigmentation removal, and rejuvenation using nanosecond pulses of the Nd:YAG Q-switched laser, and to hair removal using the 810nm […]


This system is a combination of two devices, which is MAGIC MAX and MAGIC ONE. This way the functionality, efficiency, and  economic benefits are extended to the very maximum. Superior medical functionality with a dedicated hair removal diode module. This is yet another device successfully developed by MeLSyTech to offer the diode pumping technology, a […]

Magic ONE

The single wave diode 810nm laser system is specifically designed for hair removal. The system comprises of a laser diode handpiece with a cooled tip (down to -4°C), main unit with electronics and cooling system, a touch screen and intuitibe interface. To facilitate easier use, the device features preset parameters. Operator can also save custom […]

OCT system

Optical coherence tomography – unique medical imaging device. Based on optical coherent tomography technology that provides imaging and analysis of local structure of biological tissues on-the-fly. Clinical applications: Cosmetology, dermatology, ophthalmology, gynecology, otorhinolaryngology, gastroenterology, urinology, dentistry. The OCT system is the result of implementation of the newest approach in medical imaging – optical coherent tomography […]


Magic Super – power and efficiency of pulsed laser technology. This is a pulsed laser system designed to ramp up such procedures as rejuvenation, hair and tattoo removal. Nanosecond pulses and Q-switch technology make it ideal to go for widest range colors and deepest pigmentation. The system comes with 1.2, 2, and 6mm handpieces, a 30mm […]

Magic MAX

Magic MAX – maximum functionality. A tri-wave laser systems that builds greater efficiency and consistency for the full range of treatments, saving time of both patients and practitioners. Unrivaled tri-wave laser module and operator friendly design along with high quality and competitive pricing offer significant cost reduction and ensure shortest time to success. The device offers superior […]

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