Medical tools and accessories
Gynecological handpiece

The piece is designed for gynecology treatments and locks up onto a standard scanner. It is as a detachable accessory that can be repeatedly subject to autoclaving, disinfection and sterilization prescribed in the operaion manual. Optional item.

EVLA adaptor

The adapter is used with disposable fiber wire for EVLA treatment. The accessory comes with an adapter itself plus disposable fiber EVLA tips. The fiber tip is furnished with a diffuser to provide a radial light beam for EVLA. Optional item.


The laser device comes with light-weight and easy-to-handle handpieces of compact dimensions and handy shape and feel. The handpieces are available in three spot diameters in 1.2mm, 2mm, or 6mm.


The scanner is designed to enhance efficiency of bigger area treatment by a small diameter beam. Contact area diameter up to 30mm. The scanner works with all the three waves. The machine software allows to adjust scanning density, shape and size of scanning area.

ENT Handpiece

The option allows for noninvasive treatment of various medical conditions of nasal and pharyngeal cavities that do not require in-patient care.

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