Pulsed laser power supply Universal

Laser generator power supply is designed to power a semiconductor laser emitter with a preset value of pulsed current (QCW mode). The unit is used in diode-pumped pulsed laser systems.

Technical specification
Parameter Value
Pumping pulse repetition rate 0.1 – 500 Гц
Pumping pulse length 1ms (50 Hz)
10ms (20 Hz)
100ms (3 Hz)
Maximum output current per pulse @ 100 µs pulse length Maximum current – 50 А
Maximum voltage -70 В
Configurations with maximum output voltage ratings from 10V до 70V
Current rise time per pulse from 50 to 100 µs
Actual to preset current value deviation not more than ± 1A
Maximum output voltage per pulse 70V
Power supply AC 230V, 50Hz
Ambient temperature operating range from 0 to +40° c
Parallel connection for power increase yes
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Melsytech is an advanced-technology enterprise, established in 2010. At the outset of its development and manufacturing activities the company was engaged in industrial fiber measurement equipment. Today Melsytech focuses on design, development and manufacturing of solid state laser systems and semiconductor lasers of various complexity, including multi-wave and tunable lasers.Our systems are widely used across […]

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The scanner is designed to enhance efficiency of bigger area treatment by a small diameter beam. Contact area diameter up to 30mm. The scanner works with all the three waves. The machine software allows to adjust scanning density, shape and size of scanning area.

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