Pulsed laser power supply

Laser generator power supply is designed to power a semiconductor laser emitter with a preset value of pulsed current (QCW mode). The unit is used in diode-pumped pulsed laser systems.

Technical specification
Parameter Value
Pumping pulse repetition rate 0.1 – 500Hz
Pumping pulse length 50µs (500Hz)
50-300µs (300Hz)
5-25ms (1Hz)
Maximum output current per pulse @ 300 µs pulse length Maximum current – 150A
Maximum voltage – 150V
Maximum output current per pulse @ 5000 µs pulse length Maximum current – 50A
Maximum voltage – 40V
Current rise time per pulse from 7 to 12µs
Actual to preset current value deviation not more than ± 1A
Maximum output voltage per pulse 220V
Power supply AC 230V, 50Hz
Ambient temperature operating range from 0 to +40° c
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