DPSS QCW module 1064, 532nm

Powerfull solid state laser system, with 808nm diode-pumping for Nd:YAG (1064nm) and second harmonic generation using KTP crystal (532nm), Q-Switch at 1064nm and 532nm.

Application: Medical, Aesthetics, industrial.

Overview: The module is designed to generate pulsed laser at one of the two wavelengths depending on a setting selected. The laser module is mounted in a metal (aluminum) body. The system features pulsed diode pumping (808nm) and 2 active wavelength generation crystals: Nd:YAG (1064nm) and Ho:KTP (532nm). The switching between the 2 wavelengths is provided via optical mechanics inside the module.  The cooling media is flowing water, closed circuit. The module is completed with Peltier elements to ensure selected temperature for several components of the system. There are temperature sensor outputs inside the module to monitor system’s components. The switching between the wavelengths is done by moving optical components that are controlled through step motor outputs. The optomechanical motors are furnished with encoders for movement and exact position control. The module is equipped with fiber-optical SMA-905 socket into 1500 micron fiber.

The module comes in 3 different packages:
1) Laser module; driver controller RS485/USB; pumping power supply.
2) Laser module w/o driver controller (pumping control and power supply, thermal stabilization, switching of wavelengths is ensured by customer).
3) Fiber or optical output.

The module may also be designed and packaged according to customer technical specification.

Technical specification
Description Parameters
Wave length, nm 1064 532
Operation mode Free running Q-switched Q-switched
Max pulse energy, mJ (Q-switched) 5000 1100 600
Pulse length 0.3ms-25ms 10-20ns 10-20ns
Max repetition rate , Hz ˂100 (0,3ms – 100Hz, 5ms – 10Hz) ˂100 (300 mJ pulse) ˂100 (150 mJ pulse)
Max average power, W 50 30 15
Pulse power, kW 5 110 000 60 000
Average power output, max W 120 50 20
Q-switch mode: Switching mode Active electrooptic Active electrooptic
Cooling Liquid
Optical output fiber 600 micron SMA-905 or optical output
Operating range +16 ÷ +30 °С
Transportation and storage temperature –25 ÷ +50 °C
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