Melsytech designs, develops and manufactures diode-pumped solid state lasers of various complexity (532, 794, 808, 978, 1064, 1935, 2100, 2900 nm), continuous and pulsed.

The company is a leading manufacturer of laser medical devices in CIS.

Owing to strong production capabilities and highly qualified crew our company can deliver orders for laser and energy systems of any complexity. The product range includes:

– laser drivers;

– optical components for laser systems;

– mechanical components for optical systems;

– custom electronic systems with field programmable gate arrays, processors of various performance and complexity;

– microcontroller and user interface software development, various programming languages and OS (Windows, Unix, Linux, Android), automated software version control;

– optical voltage and current measurement with a proprietary I/F board with IEC 61850 support.

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