The scanner is designed to enhance efficiency of bigger area treatment by a small diameter beam. Contact area diameter up to 30mm. The scanner works with all the three waves. The machine software allows to adjust scanning density, shape and size of scanning area.

Technical specification
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DPSS pulse module 1935(250W), 2100(100W)

Tm-Ho pulse system with 1 generator and 2 amplifier. Application: Medical, Aesthetics, industrial. Overview: This powerful module is designed to generate pulse laser at one of the two wavelengths depending on settings selected. The system features pulse diode pumping and active wavelength generation crystals: Tm:YAP (1925nm) and Ho:YAG (2100nm). The switching between the wavelengths is provided […]

EVLA adaptor

The adapter is used with disposable fiber wire for EVLA treatment. The accessory comes with an adapter itself plus disposable fiber EVLA tips. The fiber tip is furnished with a diffuser to provide a radial light beam for EVLA. Optional item.

Magic ONE

The single wave diode 810nm laser system is specifically designed for hair removal. The system comprises of a laser diode handpiece with a cooled tip (down to -4°C), main unit with electronics and cooling system, a touch screen and intuitibe interface. To facilitate easier use, the device features preset parameters. Operator can also save custom […]

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